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How sweet it is! Strovis and Chamber honor Gilbert’s Ice Cream in Pawleys Island

August 3, 2018 at 3:50 pm

By Mark A. Stevens
Chief Marketing Officer

It was a sweet Thursday morning at Gilbert’s Ice Cream when Strovis and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce presented the Pawleys Island shop with the Business of the Month Award.

The family-owned business has been serving customers its homemade ice cream since May 2017.

The Business of the Month Award honors Chamber-member businesses for being leaders in the business community, and Strovis is proud to serve as the official corporate sponsor. A special 7-foot-tall banner is displayed at the chosen business throughout the month, signifying the establishment as an award-winning Chamber member. In addition to the banner, a special framed certificate is also presented to the honored business.

Strovis President Allen Altman and Strovis Payroll Operations Director Jillian Sanchez attended the Aug. 2 presentation and thanked Gilbert’s for being a Chamber of Commerce member.

Gilbert’s Ice Cream is a family-owned business that prides itself on premium ingredients. All of the shop’s ice cream is handcrafted in its kitchen, along with a selection of tempting baked goods. Maryland transplants Bob and Deborah Gilbert and daughter, Angela, operate the shop. Angela and Deborah attended classes at St. Louis school to learn what it takes to make the best ice cream.

There are plenty of flavors and toppings at Gilbert’s Ice Cream in Pawleys Island. (Photo by Mark A. Stevens)

The shop offers a variety of ice-cream flavors – everything from the traditional vanilla and chocolate to specialty creations such as Southern Bourbon Butter Pecan, Grape Sorbet and Lemon Blueberry.

The Gilbert family also boasts a good sense of humor. Customers can pick up a logo-emblazoned T-shirt with this mantra on the back: “A balanced diet is a cone in each hand.” And customers always get a chuckle when choosing what type of cone they’d like for their ice cream. On display are chocolate-dipped cones, a “Cool Blue” cone and, just for laughs, a pine cone still on a broken tree branch.

Customers can enjoy an ice cream at Gilbert’s and also take home a T-shirt with this funny saying on the back. (Photo by Mark A. Stevens)

It’s all part of the family-friendly environment at Gilbert’s. In fact, this summer, Bob, Deborah and Angela are getting help behind the counter from grandchildren Kadyn Cadeño and A.J. Cadeño, both in their teens.

“It’s been great being here in Pawleys,” Deborah said. “People are very inviting. It’s a very tight community here in Pawleys, which we love. We like being part of a community, and business has grown. It’s been great.”

It’s all fun and ice cream at Gilbert’s — customers get a chuckle when choosing the homemade cones. Bet you’ve never thought about a pine cone while at the ice-cream shop before! (Photo by Mark A. Stevens)

The family chose Pawleys after an extensive search of the coastal region.

“We’ve vacationed in Myrtle Beach a lot with our kids when they were younger,” Bob said. “We liked the area. When we decided to make a move, we explored from the Grand Strand all the way down to the South Strand, and this is where we decided to be because of the size of the community, the traffic and the people, generally.”

The shop is open seven days a week from noon until 10 p.m. Tourist season from May until September is the shop’s busiest time, and the family closes the shop during the winter off-season and enjoys some travel and vacation time of their own.

“We had retired from our jobs,” Bob explained, “and we wanted something seasonal so we could take lengthy time off in the off-season. So this is what we’ve done.”

The entrance to Gilbert’s Ice Cream, located at 10080 Ocean Highway in Pawleys Island. (Photo by Mark A. Stevens)

For now, though, it’s still part of the busy tourist season in Pawleys, and with only family working behind the counter at Gilbert’s, every day is special, both Bob and Deborah said.

“It’s been great having the grandkids here, and they’re learning,” Deborah said. “They’re also enjoying being able to eat all the ice cream they like.”

The shop’s homemade ice cream features local ingredients and are made fresh.

“We make our ice cream in small batches,” Bob said, “so it doesn’t sit in gallon tubs for a month at a time. We make ice cream every day. We rotate our flavors. We have three or four special flavors every week. We want people to come back and try different things.”

“We do it all right here,” Deborah adds. “We make our own cones. We make our own ice cream. All of our baked goods. A lot of our sauces.”

And, Bob interjects, “The lemons in the lemon ice cream are right from my backyard. Whenever it’s possible, we try to use local ingredients.”

The Business of the Month Award honors Chamber-member businesses for being leaders in the business community, and Strovis has served as the official corporate sponsor since 2017.

For more information about this Chamber-honored business, call 843-314-0472 or visit the website

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A side patio at Gilbert’s offers patrons an outdoor area to enjoy ice cream in the summertime. (Photo by Mark A. Stevens)



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