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Starting the New Year Fresh

December 6, 2013 at 4:52 pm

It’s about that time when people are starting to think about their New Year’s resolution.  I’m considering a few myself right now; getting in shape (isn’t this everyone’s New Year’s resolution?) by signing up for a half marathon in March, and maybe developing new trainings for my clients that are fun, exciting, and meet their needs.  I’m sure you have a few ideas in your head for the New Year.  

New Year

Businesses can (and many do) have New Year’s resolutions too!  I read a lot of articles and blogs about business, leadership, and human resources, and I have read about some pretty interesting things happening in the business world that you might just want to try in your business.  I’ve listed a few creative possibilities for a New Year’s resolution to start your 2014 off with excitement and energy. 

A Twist on Employee Rewards – Many companies routinely give out awards to employees for top-notch performance and for embodying the organization’s stated values. Those awards typically include cash, maybe a trophy of some kind, a nice write up in the company newsletter.  What if we mix this up a bit?  At Polyvore, ( instead of giving employees cash awards to spend on themselves, the company gives them $500 to spend on anything they want for their colleagues!   They had employees use the money for things like a foosball table for the break room, a food truck for the entire team to eat at for lunch, and a huge beanbag chair to relax in.  In a company culture where teamwork is values, this twist on employee rewards could help drive that team atmosphere.  It also sounds like fun!

Making Employees Partners – Need a new way to engage your employees?  Julian Richer, founder of Richer Sounds, the largest independent HiFi and TV store in the UK, has set up his company in a trust that upon his death will roll over to his employees.  The John Lewis department stores, a large Dillard’s like department store in England, is a business partnership between all of the employees.  John Lewis, founder of the company, created the Partnership by signing away his personal ownership rights, establishing a company that was both commercial and democratic – owned by the employees, who are referred to as Partners.  These strategies are extreme, to be sure, but they are effective. We can all learn from their example of ways we can engage our employees more and as a result get the customer experience we really want for our customers.

Gamify your Operations – People who participating in massive multiplayer online games (MMOG) like World of Warcraft are actually working extremely hard to win in these online environments.  And they also make up a large percentage of the millennial work force that you want to attract and keep.  These games are pretty similar to a “multiplayer” work environment using the same skill sets that are needed in today’s workforce; organizing teams, assigning tasks, monitoring processes, staffing organizational units and overseeing budgets.  The key is to gamify the business operations and culture and transform the work ethic into the play ethic.  You can read more here!.

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